Dmitry Hotimsky is the founder and co-owner of Sovcombank, Moscow. In 2001 he founded the Institute of Global Investments to manage investments in shares, silver, commercial property, and land. From 2004 he has been co-owner of Sovcombank, Moscow and manages the bank’s securities portfolio.

Having invested for several decades in a wide variety of assets: bank deposits, stocks and shares, silver, currency, property, paintings. He offers a theory explaining not only which investments prove profitable, but also why.

 Dmitry Hotimsky

Cashing in on the Crisis of Capitalism
Where Best to Invest

Translated by Arch Tait

Sovcombank, Moscow, 2014
Hardback, £55/ $80 before discount
ISBN 978-0692206591
296 pages

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“Dear Arch, Thank you very, very much for your brilliant work!”
Dmitry Hotimsky


Dmitry Hotimsky writes:
“The first time I lost my shirt was in 1998, then again in 2008, but the powers above smiled on me and before long we were back in business. It was soon clear, however, that investing at random with all the dynamism of a headless chicken was not the way to go. Macroeconomic events can take everything from you.

Besides, I was curious to understand what made the world of investment tick. I read a lot of books, and took and passed all sorts of exams on financial analysis. I networked with anybody who seemed halfways knowledgeable about anything, but found no evidence of a coherent theory of investment.

Businessmen are speculators. Politicians are forever calling for a doubling of Gross Domestic Product. Sometimes they do actually spend money on some mega-project like the Baikal-Amur Railway line to the north of the Trans-Siberian, or they decide to have a go at reversing the flow of Siberian rivers. Books are bursting with success stories of go-getters and will tell you who struck it rich, how and where, but make no mention of those who, no less spectacularly, went bust. So over the years I worked out my own investment theory.

It is a theory I have tested in practice, making and losing money on every conceivable kind of investment in the process: soy and cocoa beans, orange juice and precious metals, stock and bonds, paintings and rare coins, futures and options, farms and real estate, public and inside information, and everything in between.

In July 2011 my brother made a very helpful suggestion: “Write a book for 15-year-old girls, setting out everything you know, clearly and interestingly and with the style of a Dostoyevsky.” The Party’s word is our command, Comrade Brother. We shall build communism with exemplary work brigades and delight the Party with the achievements of our labor! Well, it has not turned out like Dostoyevsky, but the book has proved entertaining and interesting, not only for teenage girls and boys but for their parents too. Even very rich daddies should benefit from reading it, because a sound theoretical foundation never goes amiss. Professional economists should find food for thought, too. I have been fairly lavish with examples and included plenty of illustrations to make everything as clear as possible. If you want specific advice on what to invest in, visit the website of the Institute of Global Investments (, and we can discuss how to make money from a capitalist crisis.”


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