Oleg Radzinsky


Alexey Agafonkin is a courier, but not for Royal Mail or UPS: he delivers various items from one time to another, traveling between them as others travel between places. He has never considered this a special gift, having grown up among people no less remarkable and magical than himself: his fellow tenants in the mysterious Apartment.

Until one of his assignments goes terribly wrong: Agafonkin loses his delivery item, a child’s spinning top he was supposed to deliver from 1934 to the present day. The Top turns out to be the most important object in the Universe, and now all the powers of Heaven and Earth, demons and mortals, are after Agafonkin in pursuit of it. The race takes the reader on a wild journey through Eurasian history – from Genghis Khan to Vladimir Putin and back.

And all the while, like the Earth itself, the little Top keeps spinning.

This book is so outstanding and fascinating that there is nothing to compare it with in Russia today.
Dmitry Bykov 

This is one of the books I have most enjoyed translating. Very Master and Margarita!.
Arch Tait

From the Author : I wish to make clear that all the characters are real people and bear their own names, with the exception of two: Vladimir Putin and Vladislav Surkov. These characters are fictional, and any resemblance to people bearing the same names is purely coincidental.

  Oleg Radzinsky

The Observer

Translated by Arch Tait

Amazon, 2019
Kindle, £2.33

561 pages

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